A Brighton, UK based band with a sound that might have come about if New York No Wave had spent a lost weekend in New Orleans. Add to that hints of dive bar jazz, delta blues, East European folk and the dark lure of cabaret, and you have the seductive circus fanfare that is CAAW!

New album “Strange Pictures” is OUT NOW on PicaPica Records – click here to buy or click the “Shop” link in the menu.

What they say:

“Quirky, whimsical, melodic lines, in the tradition of great storytellers, conjuring New Orleans French Quarter benders, up-all-nights around a campfire on mushrooms, trickster music, broken glass drunken poetry of lovers and thieves…”

– Margaret Garrett (Mr. Airplane Man)

Strange Pictures? What does it mean? Half remembered memories of what you thought you saw. Did you? The new release from Caaw opens a window into a world of bourbon-soaked memories with jazz-inflected avant-garde music playing and burbling in the background. Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits are having a tussle over a perfume filled top hat whilst Dr John watches on from the bayou distractedly.”


“No wave was a short-lived avant-garde scene that emerged in the late 1970s in downtown New York City. In partial reaction against punk rock’s recycling of traditionalist rock and roll clichés, no wave musicians instead experimented with noise, dissonance and atonality in addition to a variety of non-rock genres, including free jazz and funk, while often reflecting an abrasive, confrontational and nihilistic worldview.” – source:

“The Emperor Of San Francisco” EP on Spotify

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“Dinosaurs” Live at The Star Inn, Guildford, 02.02.19

“Four Go Fishing” Live at Village, Brighton, 23.08.18

“Greenback Gods” Live at The Con Club, Lewes, 17.03.18

Live Dates

12th October 2019

Presuming Ed’s, 114-115, London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JG

Official album release, the event will be live streamed via Facebook Live!
With 2 String Slim
More info on the Facebook event page

2nd November 2019

Duffy’s Bar, 18 Pocklingtons Walk, Leicester LE1 6BU

With Not My Good Arm
More info on the Facebook event page

9th November 2019

The Pipeline, 6 Little E St, Brighton BN1 1HT

With Simonne and the Darkstars and Subterranean Street Society
More info on the Facebook event page



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